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Dear Father

The Glastonbury Pilgrimage 9 July 2022

If you are coming to the Pilgrimage this year (and of course we hope you are!) and wish to concelebrate the Pilgrim Mass, you will need to contact Catherine Willamson at the Bishop of Ebbsfleet’s Office, telephone number 0118 948 1038, Mobile 07881 875583, giving your name, diocese, and your current post (or stating you hold PTO), and she will then confirm with the diocese that you are beneficed/licensed/hold PTO and that your safe-guarding position is current. You will already be used to this, of course, from visiting Walsingham or concelebrating one of the recent Chrism Masses.

At Glastonbury, when you get to the vesting tent, simply speak to Father Ron Farrell who will check your name against Catherine’s list; vestments will be provided as usual, so you need simply bring an alb.

Obviously, time is tight, and so it is important that Catherine has your details by Monday 27th June.

I really do look forward to seeing you and your folk on 9 July! Pray for good weather and pray for a strong and effective witness on the day to the Lord we love and serve.

With every good wish.

Yours in Christ.

The Rt Revd Roger Jupp

Chairman of the Glastonbury Pilgrimage Association